Thunder Bunny

Thunder Bunny is comprised of four heroes who have dedicated their lives to bravely fighting evil with silly voices, slapstick, tag-runs, & walk-ons. Their powers, forged deep inside the fiery bowels of The Annoyance, scattered among the clotted veins of iO Chicago, & just outside the bruised cervix of The Second City, lead them to seek truth via comedy & justice via timely edits. They are out to save the world, one artfully told dick joke at a time. Improv Festivals: [b]Big-Little Comedy Festival[/b] [i]Grand Rapids, MI[/i] [i]Thunderbunny is the last survivor of an alien race of humanoid animals. The essence of this world's greatest hero is transferred into a special box shaped device and subtly presented to a young human boy named Bobby Caswell. When Bobby placed his hands in two hand shaped impressions on the box, the act caused a power transfer into his body and gave him the ability to transform into Thunderbunny. Although the powers which include super strength and flight are thrilling to him, he finds the bunny form embarrassing. [/i]